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It would seem, how can you surprise a rich sophisticated audience when visiting a cinema? Big screen, lifelike sound, immersive experience, impeccable comfort, and gourmet gourmet cuisine instead of traditional popcorn? All these "charms" of wealthy people have long ceased to delight.

Moreover, often wealthy people even equip their own cinemas in their penthouses or country households, equipped to the envy of professionals. And the quality is impeccable, and the atmosphere is home, and strangers do not interfere. Watch any movie of your choice, and not be attached to the repertoire. If you want - with your family, if you want - with close friends, but if you want - alone.

But there is one cinema in the world, for the sake of which rich people from all over the world are ready to leave their home peace and comfort for the sake of sensations unknown before. It is located in London and is called Hot Tub Cinema. So what attracts wealthy tourists from all over the world here, and what makes them book rooms six months before visiting? Why is it so prestigious to visit this cinema in the company of dazzling models of the escort models London or just in a relaxed company of friends, friends, and just like-minded people?

The uniqueness of the Hot Tub Cinema lies precisely in the fact that an ordinary citizen cannot visit it. And the point here is not at all in the ticket price, but in the general club concept of the institution. However, in order to understand the whole essence of the exclusivity of this institution, it is necessary to list its features:

• the auditorium is located on the roof of a multi-storey building, under the dome of the open London sky;

• the visual library is a mini-pool for 6 people, filled with the purest water with constant maintenance of the ideal temperature;

• there are separate viewing rooms, so beloved by rich gentlemen in expensive suits, accompanied by beauties of the high-class London escort ladies, sparkling dazzling outfits.

By the way, the catalog posted on our website contains a wide selection of irresistible beauties who are ready to provide the entire range of escort services at the highest professional level. Such accompaniment will be a pleasant and beautiful addition, enhancing the impressions and emotions from visiting the British capital! Moreover, our agency offers guests of London absolutely flawless quality at quite reasonable prices!

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High-class London escorts

In life, sometimes situations arise in which the presence of the beautiful half of humanity nearby is simply vital. It can be like a meeting with business partners in an informal setting, to which everyone will come in pairs. Or some solemn social party, where, as it turned out, guests will come with their soulmates. In all these cases and many others, our escort agency will come to the rescue. Our models will be able to decorate your leisure time, giving unforgettable moments of communication and pleasure in any situation.

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Almost any tourist visiting London cannot miss the legendary Buckingham Palace. Firstly, this complex of buildings, erected in the best architectural traditions of Victorian neoclassicism, amazes the imagination with its monumentality and, as it were, embodies all the British prim luxury. Secondly, the palace itself has been the official residence of the English monarchs since 1837, although it was built back in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham.

Escort models London

Welcome to one of the interesting towns of this planet! Perhaps he is already familiar to you, or vice versa, the first time you visited him. This is not so important. Here you certainly will not have to get bored and sit back. With great pleasure we will help you organize your leisure time, namely, to choose a lovely companion. So the Escort models London are at your personal service! We will be happy to interest you, having plunged into the world of pleasure and passion.