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Almost any tourist visiting London cannot miss the legendary Buckingham Palace. Firstly, this complex of buildings, erected in the best architectural traditions of Victorian neoclassicism, amazes the imagination with its monumentality and, as it were, embodies all the British prim luxury. Secondly, the palace itself has been the official residence of the English monarchs since 1837, although it was built back in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham.

By the way, it has nothing to do with the famous character in Dumas' adventure novel about the Musketeers. And finally, even the territory adjacent to the palace is covered with legends. The Hyde Park in the immediate vicinity alone is worth something! However, many surprises await tourists on the very territory of the palace complex. The very aura of this place attracts connoisseurs of aesthetics, luxury and aristocracy here.

It goes without saying that almost all the rulers of the world, ministers and eminent politicians have been here. But Buckingham Palace is no less interesting for wealthy tourists from all over the world, even if royal blood does not flow in their veins: • successful bankers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, accompanied by irresistible beauties of the high society London escorts in breathtaking outfits; • well-known and easily recognizable figures of cinema, show business, sports, culture; • all other representatives of the world elite or those who consider themselves to be such.

After all, Buckingham Palace itself is worth seeing at least once! It is necessary to understand that Buckingham Palace is primarily a royal residence. This means that it is not so easy for an ordinary mortal to get inside the complex. However, in the period from late August to mid-October, when the monarchical family has traditional holidays, the halls of the palace are hospitably open to everyone.

And these galleries, which have been rebuilt and updated many times, really have something to see! A wide variety of art styles, collected literally from all over the world, are presented in 775 rooms in all their vibrant variety. Connoisseurs of Victorian classics will certainly appreciate the truly British interiors. And some are impressed by Indian motives or Chinese notes. And these unforgettable impressions will be complemented by various items of royal household items, graciously exhibited for all to see.

However, even if a tourist came out of season and, for obvious reasons, could not get into the interior of Buckingham Palace, he should not despair. Just in the presence of monarchs, the famous changing of the guard ceremony takes place every day at 11:30. By the way, there is one more nuance concerning this truly aristocratic place. It consists in the fact that visiting the palace itself, and even more so - the inner chambers alone is considered bad form.

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