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Great Britain is a country with an unwavering, deep-rooted tradition. Its cultural heritage represents the most valuable wealth. Its main attractions are filled with something attractive, mysterious mystery and, of course, hospitality. We offer you a small list of important locations. Without visiting them, the trip may not be complete. For example, stonehenge, which represents one of the greatest mysteries of all mankind. The name in translation means "stone ring".

This structure has been under construction for three hundred years. Here you can also take wonderful photos and videos that will last for a long time. Windsor Palace is also famous for its unprecedented popularity. For many years it has been attracting close attention of the coming syudvs. Not visiting it is the same as being in Rome and not contemplating the Colosseum.

The royal park located in the center is considered the true heart of the capital. And it must become a part of your route without fail. Do not be too lazy to look here. The beautiful Serpentine pond is also worth a look. And if possible, rent a boat and sail to Kensington Palace. Will amaze with its grandeur and architectural wealth of Scotland.

Or, more precisely, to the castles of Edinburgh. And in one coastal city - St. Andrews, tourists are likely to be attracted to one of the most ancient universities. They will also cast their eyes on the very first golf course.

And be sure to dine with a glass of delicious real wine. To do this, choose some institution with a beautiful panorama, where you can eat with appetite. Just imagine for a moment the following picture: a gentle, catching warm look, on the contrary, penetrating to the bone; Blinding smile; delicious food and the whole world at your feet. Isn't that what you wanted?

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Most people tend to view the British capital as a conservative, austere and even prim city. And there is definitely a certain amount of truth in this judgment. But in reality this is not entirely true. London has leisure and entertainment options for all tastes. To be convinced of this by a tourist traveling alone, just use the escort model London service offered by our agency.

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