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London elite escort is a pass to a completely different world only for worthy and wealthy men who value their precious time and quality of pleasure! Stunning charmers, elite girls from all over the world only for an exceptionally enjoyable and incredible pastime. They differ in model appearance, exquisite manners, bright unique talents and simply endowed with natural charm.

They will be able to support any dialogue without a hitch, they know several foreign languages. Thus, your special status at a business meeting will be emphasized and will be the most ideal accompaniment side by side. This is something that is so sometimes lacking in everyday life. So take a chance and you will not regret a bit. Acquaintance with the most interesting places is still worth starting with the classics - the symbol of London. After all, as always, she is unshakable and majestic at any time.

This, of course, is about Big Ben. You will not be able to miss this attraction, because it is the main landmark in the city. There are also a lot of different bars and restaurants. And they all offer beautiful views of the city. One of the most popular is a Japanese restaurant called Sushisamba. The walls and floor are glass, the design is something between West and East and of course a breathtaking panoramic view of the City of London. It is worth taking care of booking a table in advance, but it is worth all the effort.

Food by the way at every step is distinguished by its magnificence. It can’t be tasty. Be sure to try the following items: Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding (usually served with meat, potatoes, sauce and vegetables. And the portions are so magnificent that sometimes it’s difficult to overpower them); Octopus carpaccio (Tentacles of the mollusk are cut very thinly, so the dish turns out to be just “lick your fingers”); Pie with mashed potatoes (in addition to it is eel sauce or non-alcoholic liquor); Eccles cakes (Currants are used as the filling.

They are baked from puff pastry with butter and sprinkled with brown sugar) and so on. In general, a gastronomic orgasm is guaranteed to you one hundred percent. And if you just want to relax and have fun, then look into one of the spa rooms. Here, a relaxing atmosphere reigns, helping to temporarily forget about pressing problems and get a boost of pleasure. Escort model London is the best find for you.

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If you are in London and are a real connoisseur of feminine charm, charm and sex appeal, then luxury escorts London will be an amazing gift of fate for you! Services of this kind are available only in our escort agency! With our help, meet and order an escort with an attractive and luxurious enchantress without further delay. On the first day of exploring the city, it is much more pleasant just to wander the streets, imbued with its atmosphere. Or visit a park and walk through the green surroundings.