Your dream vacation

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Luxury escorts London is exactly what you might need while in another country. Entertainment in London can be what you want. After all, as you know, there are no friends for the taste and color.One of the most incredible spectacles is the Ferris wheel, located next to the River Thames. It is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Because it gives a great opportunity to see many sights of the city from a bird's eye view at a time.

And for art lovers it is proposed to admire the glass roof with interesting mirror balls and performances of circus artists.It will be a wonderful idea to try national cuisine, having drunk in some restaurant or cafe. And we offer a short list with culinary delights: donuts (A variety of fillings will surprise you. From custard to whiskey. They will appeal to everyone, because they are made primarily from fresh, high-quality farm products); tortilla (a tortilla made from flour, served with various additional additives.

It can be shrimp, spinach, etc.); fish and chips (delicious slices of fried fish fillet with potatoes and pickled cucumbers); Lancashire pudding (lamb and black pudding with potato slices stewed over low heat) and so on. London can undoubtedly be called one of the strongest gastronomic centers of the planet. And here all the most interesting world trends of haute cuisine develop and interweave with incredible speed.

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