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In the very center of London, in the immediate vicinity of the legendary Hyde Park, there is perhaps one of the most fashionable, respectable and expensive hotels in the English capital. It's called Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. The uniqueness of the location of this 5-star hotel complex is emphasized literally by walking distance to other legendary attractions: • the building of the British National Library; • St Paul's Cathedral; • a complex of structures of the Broadcasting House.

Anyway, the location three kilometers from the geographical point of the center of London attracts many tourists to this luxury hotel who rightfully consider themselves to be the world's "cream of society". A variety of celebrities, fine-looking gentlemen, accompanied by respectable families or incredibly beautiful companions of the London models escort category, successful businessmen and simply rich tourists, love to stay here. Incredible luxury and impeccable service But not only the favorable location attracts respectable and wealthy guests to the London Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Almost 200 rooms, located on 9 floors, amaze the imagination with truly royal luxury of interior design, the best British traditions of cultural etiquette and a truly aristocratic level of service. In the most expensive hotel rooms, in addition to the unique interior design in the classic colonial style, there is absolutely everything you need for a comfortable stay. And even more! It is clear that even the cheapest room is equipped with the latest technology. It is clear that the price includes not only a wide variety of services, but also a branded continental breakfast.

Another thing is surprising. The most expensive rooms have such free additions as individual pools, bathrooms with jacuzzi, view terraces. Moreover, one of the "chips" of a prim and handsome hotel is the view terraces. Even if they do not open some breathtaking views of the beaches or the unique landscapes, staying in one of the hotel's 199 rooms provides an unforgettable experience in itself!

Moreover, the Mandarin hotel in the center of London underlines the high status of the guest. After all, only here the traditions of Victorian England calmly coexist with modern customs. Rather, on the contrary - a lonely guest here will cause, if not rumors, then at least a slight bewilderment. Some of the inconvenience caused by perplexed looks will be relieved by the escort girls of the luxury London companions, which allow to emphasize the status of the guest and create the most favorable background for him!

And a visit to local fashionable closed restaurants, banquet halls and exclusive recreation areas in a company with a dazzling beauty will only add "whists", as the British say! Exquisite cuisine, impeccable staff training, an incredible level of self-control and helpfulness - this would not be enough for the Mandarin Orienr Hyde Park hotel to become one of the best establishments in the tourism industry in London.

But in combination with the highest quality of comfort, sophistication of cuisine and space level of service, this hotel complex has been considered one of the leaders of the tourist industry in the English capital for several decades!

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