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Night club life in the English capital pulsates in a frantic rhythm. In London, there are several hundred nightclubs and entertainment venues. But Shoreditch House stands out against the general background with its luxury, pathos of the public and the variety of entertainment on offer. This is one of the favorite places of the most posh and respectable public.

Its regulars are celebrities, bankers and businessmen, actors and athletes, stunning beauties of the class London elite models escort and socialite and aristocracy from around the world. Surprisingly, the exterior of the nightclub does not resemble an institution of the Luxury level in any way.

The fact is that Shoreditch House is located in a former 4-storey warehouse complex and its owners deliberately did not pay special attention to the facade decoration. But inside the club really impresses! Despite the minimalist design and twilight of the first three floors, the luxury of the establishment is immediately evident. A significant role in this is played by visitors themselves in expensive suits and outfits.

Golden youth and respectable gentlemen with silvered temples hang out on the spacious dance floor. The music on each floor sounds very different, but always fashionable. The fourth floor is reserved for private parties, expensive corporate parties and private banquets. There are also bowling lanes. But the main highlight of the club is its roof. Here are located: • glazed bar with beautiful views; • lounge restaurant, ideal for relaxation; • heated pool, open year-round.

Single men visit the London nightclub Soreditch House exclusively accompanied by irresistible beauties of the London high end companions in accordance with local etiquette. This is much safer than a casual acquaintance, more prestigious and enjoyable. Moreover, a professional escort escort will help not only to get to a closed club, but also to remove the language barrier, maintain a sweet conversation, order the most delicious cocktails and snacks, and rent an exclusive room in a club-owned hotel.

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