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Have you been dreaming for a long time about a fleeting romance with a spectacular girl, whose figure is crazy about all the men of the planet? Or, perhaps, you want to emphasize your special status in the company of friends or colleagues? Our luxury escort models with great pleasure will satisfy any task one hundred percent. We give you a guarantee for an excellent result! Luxury escort models London are the best choice.

We offer the following ideas on how to spend your leisure time most unforgettably. The gallery on Trafalgar Square will allow you to plunge from head to toe into the world of painting. Here you can see the magnificent paintings of Rubens, Titian, Monet, Rembrandt, Raphael and others. And most importantly, all this is free! In between watching paintings, we recommend a snack in the local cafes. After all, the food here is divine. London is considered to be the capital of parks.

But, in turn, I would like to note that the world-famous Hyde Park is not the most huge and exciting. We advise you to get outside the center and get to the Richmond Park. Here, without restriction, deer walk and colorful parrots fly. An inexperienced traveler can even decide that he is crazy. Only these birds in London parks are almost as common as foxes in public garbage cans. Spend some of your precious time on national cuisine.

Try all sorts of local delicacies, choosing a favorite for yourself. For example, Welsh croutons with cheese; octopus carpaccio; Scottish eggs meat fruits; shepherd's pie (mashed potato casserole stuffed with ground beef); roast beef and steak and so on. A comprehensive British breakfast ”includes, almost always, an egg with bacon, fried to a crisp, sausages or ham, beans, scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, toast with jam and traditional tea. Of course, there is not as much romance here as in some other places, but despite this, there are many amazing locations here to go on a date.

Movie lovers have a look at one of the best cinemas Brixton Ritzy. And for a hot sensation, you are invited to visit the haunted house in Hampstead. And finally, you can allow yourself to do nothing, relax and just walk along the long streets. Perhaps something else will catch your eye, because the British capital is rich in many wonderful places. You will know this with London VIP image escorts.

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