Charm and style

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This is an excellent find for respectable men. It will be a great idea to try the national cuisine, tasting a variety of goodies. And we offer a short list with culinary delights: Welsh croutons (This is the real British classic. These are toasts with baked cheddar cheese, beer, mustard powder and various spices that are added to the paste); tortilla (a tortilla made from flour, served with various additional additives.

It can be shrimp, spinach, etc.); fish and chips (delicious slices of fried fish fillet with potatoes and pickled cucumbers); a hot pot in Lanshire style (a special kind of casserole made from the meat of a young lamb or ram with onion rings and potatoes. By the way, its recipe may vary slightly. In one, they can add red cabbage, and in the other cheese) and so on.Acquaintance with the most interesting places is still worth starting with the classics - the symbol of London. This is of course Big Ben.

You will not be able to miss this magnificent sight, because it is the main landmark in the city. The Ferris wheel is the best in the whole world, and it will allow you to see everything from a bird's eye view. This observation deck will win your heart.In the Covent Garden area, life is in full swing for days. If you want to feel the local pulse of life, then you are sure to come here. Here are concentrated a lot of shops, restaurants, pubs. In the latter, be sure to drink a glass of delicious beer.

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